Why become LPI certified

In this article, I present 3 reasons for completing an LPI certification program. From Linux Essentials, to LPI 3, the institute curriculum stands as the world’s best Linux certification program. The reasons to become LPI certified are:

  1. Proven Expertise
  2. World Wide Recognition
  3. High Demand


  1. Proven Expertise

LPIC 3 LogoIn taking the  LPI certification program, you gain mastery of system administration, network administration and enterprise level system administration.  The LPI  1 curriculum trains on system administration. Topics here include command line tools, user and group management, permission management, automation facilities and script writing. With LPI 2, you are trained on how to administer small to medium–sized mixed networks These include capacity planning and trouble shooting, DNS configuration, Apache and other web servers Configuration, Firewalls … The LPI 3 curriculum is designed to empower you with skills needed to administer Entreprise level configurations. It is the culmination of LPI’s multi-level professional certification program . The program has 3 specialties: Mixed Environment, Security and high availability. All these curriculum have been rigorously elaborated and reviewed by industry experts who have worked for many years in Leading IT firms and know what Industry demands. Moreover, LPI exams are designed to test practical knowledge and not memorization. Hence, with such knowledge at your disposal, you prove your linux expertise.

  1. World Wide recognition

The Linux Professional Institute is a reputable academy that has existed for over 15 years now ( founded on October 25, 1999).  Its certification are recognized and approved around the globe. It delivers certifications  in thousands of locations worldwide (Africa, Asia, America…), in multiple languages with the support of employers,  vendors, and trainers.

Being certified, by the world’s leading vendor-neutral Linux and open source certification body, you are not limited to work only in your country. You can relocate any where around the world or decide to work remotely. Indeed, most sysadmins earn money by working on servers thousand of miles away from them.

  1. High Demand

You may not realize it, but Linux is everywhere. It’s most likely in the car you drive, the
TV you watch, the smartphone you talk on, and maybe even the refrigerator you store
your food in!The Internet and cloud all run on linux machines. Indeed, according to w3Tech more than 65% of world wide servers are actually based on UNIX. In short, Linux is ubiquitous.
And it’s only becoming more and more common. As Linux prominence continues to rise, there is a corresponding rise in the demand for individuals who have the capability of maintaining these systems.  With a certification in Linux, you prove you are up to this task and are likely to get your dream job.


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