How to change username in ubuntu

You may wish to change your username for several reasons. It may be that the username you choose at installation you no longer like it anymore.

The procedure would consists in :

  • creating a temporary user ;

  • log as temporary to change current username ;

  • delete the temporary user ;

Creating a temporary user :

  • login with your current credentials and add a new user, e.g temporary

cmd add temp user

  • give sudo privileges to temporary

cmd give sudo priv to temp user

  • reboot your machine

Change current username

  • change current username and home folder.

cmd change olduser new user

  • At this point your old username has been modified. If you wish you may delete temporary.

  • reboot your machine

delete temporary user

  • login as the new user

  • delete temporary user and folder

cmd del temp user
Question : Why go through all this process, rather than just create a new user. The creation process is simple and easier.

References :

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